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About Us

Decades of Drag Boat Racing!

The Columbia Drag Boat Association (CDBA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the sport of drag boat racing in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The organization was founded in the late 1960’s by a group of drag boat enthusiasts who wanted to create a safe and organized environment for their sport.

Drag boat racing is a high-speed motorsport that involves boats racing down a straight track, usually on a river or a lake. The boats are designed for maximum speed and acceleration, and the races are held over a 1,000 foot course. The goal of the race is to be the first boat to cross the finish line within the class registered.

The CDBA hosts several drag boat racing events throughout the year on Dexter Reservoir in Lowell, Oregon and one race hosted at Haystack Reservoir in Culver, Oregon. The Summer Clash is held each July and co-sanctioned with other drag boat racing associations, which brings racers and spectators from all over the United States and Canada. Prior to the July race there is a test and tune session which allows racers to test and fine-tune their boats before the main even. Check the Race Schedule for upcoming event details.

In addition to hosting races, the CDBA also works to promote safety and education in the sport of drag boat racing. CDBA requires all participants to undergo safety training and to adhere to strict safety guidelines, including the use of proper safety equipment. The CDBA also works with local schools and community organizations to educate the public about the sport and to encourage participation in drag boat racing.

CDBA is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who work hard all year to promote the sport of drag boat racing in the Pacific Northwest region. The organization relies on the support of sponsors, volunteers, and the community to continue hosting high-quality drag boat racing events. If you are interested in drag boat racing or would like to get involved with the CDBA please Contact Us.

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