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All Drivers & Boat Owners must have a current CDBA Racing Membership or current Affiliated Membership. *We honor ADBA and NJBA Memberships

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In consideration of Columbia Drag Boat Assoc. (CDBA) granting permission for the undersigned to participate in any manner in the event specified herein below, it is hereby agreed that the owner, for himself and other owners and/or drivers and/or skiers, separately and together, will abide by all CDBA rules and furthermore, will assume all responsibility and liability for himself and or his assistants and crew and for motors, property, or possessions.  The undersigned driver and owner recognize the event described herein below is a particularly dangerous activity and said owner and/or drivers and/or skiers do hereby release CDBA, as well as any organization, individual, or official sponsoring or assisting in promoting or conducting this regatta, or race, or ski event, together with their successors, assigns, officers, agents, assistants, representatives, employees, and spectators from any liability, claims, demands, and/or causes of action whatsoever which the owner, or driver, or any of his assistants may have or may accrue in his favor against them or any of them in anyway growing out of or resulting from said race, regatta, or ski event, or any part thereof or in connection with any race, dock, float, barge, equipment, property, or facility provided, whether or not same may be operated or controlled by them and whether arising while in practice or during the participation in any race or subsequent thereto.  Said owner, and/or driver, and /or skier assumes all risk of injury or damage to person or property, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, and said owner and/or driver agrees that no other agreement, whether oral or written, shall in any way create any liability for any person, organization or official released hereunder.  Furthermore, said owner and/or driver and/or skier agree to accept as final all decisions of properly authorized race officials.  The undersigned further covenants not to sue any participants, whether owner, operator, mechanic, or member of a crew, or any official, member or members of any race committee or Columbia Drag Boat Assoc. or any of its officers, directors, employees, or representatives, or any member thereof for any personal injuries or property damages suffered, whether the same shall have been incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the undersigned’s participation as an owner or driver in the event specified herein below or as the result of the undersigned’s violation by Columbia Drag Boat Assoc. in accordance with its bylaws and regulations (including but not limited to the drag race rules) as officially adopted by the Association, shall be conclusive of the fact of such violation.  In the event of any litigation or arbitration brought by an party hereto concerning rights or obligations arising hereunder, the prevailing party in such litigation or arbitration shall be entitles to recover reasonable attorney fees as awarded by the Court of arbitrator.

Photograph Terms & Conditions: Herein below, the boat owner, for himself and all other owners and/or drivers and/or skiers, and the driver, for himself and those aforementioned, separated and together, hereby assign, transfer, convey, and grant to Columbia Drag Boat Assoc. the exclusive transferable right to photograph, or cause to be photographed, in either moving or still form, the undersigned and/or any of the undersigned’s personal property located at the event specified herein below.  The undersigned further agrees and hereby assigns, transfers, conveys, and grants to Columbia Drag Boat Assoc. the exclusive transferable right to copyright, use, or cause to be used, said photographs for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to , sale, exhibitions, public displays, publication, including television, motion pictures, and development of motion pictures, commercial relations, and advertising purposes without any limitation or any reservation of any compensation or any consideration other than receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.

Thanks for Registering for the race!

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