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Information for upcoming racing events with the CDBA:

Pre-Registration – Registration form must be received 7 days prior to the event.

(Forms are available to print off on

 Pitting begins on Thursday at noon.  (Must be pre-registered to pit on Thursday) NO EXCEPTIONS!


Not Pre-registered - Gates open Friday at 8:00 am for pitting.


Racers competing in a licensed class must present a current competition license at registration.  If your license has expired, bring a current physical to renew.

All racers must present their membership card at registration.

Participants must follow CDBA & OSPR rules and respect all volunteers or risk being disqualified.  Driver/Owner is responsible for crew members.
If you have questions, please call a board member.

To all Racers:

Please bring all credentials, including driver’s licenses and/or DOT or higher physical forms and Medical Tags to Registration.
Please be sure to bring your “RACECEIVER” scanner. This is your responsibility. We do not have any rentals. You may purchase new or upgrade your old one online. Please contact RaceCeiver for your application.
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Fusion Plus Upgrade

Links to Racer news and forums:

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