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Mike Grover

Safety Director

Mike Grover has served CDBA for decades, you can always count on him to be there and his primary concern is everyone's safety. Mike has served on the Board several terms, served as Safety Director, stand in Race Director, Race Coordinator, Volunteer coordinator, Tow Boat Driver coordinator and probably a lot of other positions that no one is aware of. Mike also volunteers for other drag boat associations so you may have seen hi on the water at the World Finals Drag Boat Races, or at other Drag Boat racing venues across the Western and Souther States. I think Mike may be one of the only original CDBA members remaining active in the Association. He can tell you some stories for sure, stop by and ask him about the beginning of what used to be called the Columbia Speed Boat Club (now CDBA). See you at the races!


Mike Grover
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