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9/23/2021 by Marjory

What an event!

We had so many hurdles to jump to make the Northwest Nationals happen, but we did it! YOU GUYS DID IT!

Going into the weekend, we were worried about weather. We fought wind and rain. Lots of weather delays, destroyed pop ups, had to pull out the ponchos and rain gear but still managed to get it done! Before we congratulate the winners, let’s first take a few minutes to shout out everyone that pulled it together.

Thank you to our commodore and board, who work tirelessly throughout the year to keep this club that we all love going. Please know your effort does not go unnoticed.

Thank you to all of our volunteers that haul equipment, do general maintenance, store our equipment, set up and tear down, or find any other way to push us forward, we appreciate you!

Thank you to safety and rescue, ramp crew, registration ladies, tow boats and those in the tower. We simply cannot exist without the time and work that you all put in.

Thank you to our racers, and their crews! Obviously, we can not put on a boat race without each of you. Your love and commitment to the club and drag boat racing is why we are all here.

Thank you to our sponsors. Big and small, we appreciate you trusting and believing in us enough to be a part of the team and attach your name to ours.

Thank you to the community of Lowell and surrounding areas for sharing the Dexter lake and allowing us to enjoy this beautiful venue.

Last but not least, thank you to our fans and spectators! Even with miserable conditions and rain delays, we still saw some of you on the beach, enjoying, cheering and supporting.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, lets talk about our winners!

We had racers new and old out this weekend. They all went out on the water, ran hard and hopefully had tons of fun doing it.

Pro-Eliminator (PE)

Winner: Cole Billings in Gunslinger

R/U: Rick Coffman in Wife’s Nightmare

#1 Qualifier: Cole Billings

Top-Eliminator (TE)

Winner: Darreld Murphy in Risky Business

R/U: Joe Willis in Head Hunter

#1 Qualifier: Joe Willis

River Racer (RR)

Winner: Kevin Kelsey in Daddy’s Midlife Crisis

R/U: Jon Tregoning on Good Times

#1 Qualifier: Heather Ziebert

Mod-Eliminator (ME)

Winner: Gary Henning in The Jackal

R/U: Kyle Harder in Flat Ruthless

#1 Qualifier: Gary Henning

Super E

Winner: Kyle Harder DI- 8.00 ET- 8.400 RT- .136

R/U: Dennis Flint DI- 8.66 ET- 9.272 RT- 1.431

Best Reaction Time of the Weekend: Kyle Harder .007

Outstanding Race Team- Team Z - We appreciate you all stepping up, bringing 3 boats out to race and winning River Racer


Thank you again to all that participated in the success of the Northwest Nationals at the Dexter Reservoir. That is it for us here in Oregon for the 2021 race season. The ADBA still has a race on the calendar, stay tuned for more info!

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