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Radios Mandatory in 2010

Use the following links to insure you get the receiver that you need, click on the image of that receiver product and you will go directly to that page.

Order the New Fusion+ Now, Send us your old RACEceiver, it doesn’t matter if it works or not. When we receive the old one, we’ll give you $25 back.

The RACEceiver

The receiver is made to use with a 2-way radio.
The RACEceiver
New Fusion+ has 2 audio ports and takes the audio from the 2-way radio and routes it through the New Fusion+ and out so that the driver only has to use one earpiece to listen to both audio sources. It will reduce the volume of the audio from the 2-way radio when the officials are using the receiver frequency and talking to the field, making it much easier to hear the instructions coming from the officials.

The RACEceiver New Fusion+ has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all receivers have so it can be used at tracks where the receiver is mandated.

RACEceiver Professional Driver Package

The RACEceiver is designed to listen to one driver at a time, switch instantly to the race broadcast and then back to your driver. It utilizes the industry standard 3.5 mm jack, allowing the use of a headset. The RACEceiver is a must for drivers since it allows race officials to broadcast directly to drivers for safety and efficiency purposes.

This package includes the RACEceiver Professional Driver Ear Piece. Everything you need!!!



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